Firewall & Softwares

TrueBlue's firewall software

Reveals threats your antivirus missed

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    Network Monitor

    Get a high-class security with advanced features for internet security, keeps away from your PC from regular risks and hold your PC in a full-fledged condition.

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    It's High-time to get over the malicious files and saves your PC from a number of threats like Spyware, Malware, Trojan, etc.and this program serves as a most effective protection from online threats.

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    Threat Monitoring

    It's easy to take care and maintain information loss in an efficient manner and prevent your PC from intruders or from unwanted programs altogether.

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    Get a complete scan and removal of threats from your PC with security program and an immediate technical help from experts and secure your device from any upcoming risks.

Beyond the Firewall

High-end firewall to serve you security and protection against any malicious attack to your operating system and other popular programs. It's a great penetration tool to get over from issues with each firewall's response to such exploit attacks. Some of the discovered threats like malefactors, security holes, virus attacks, and so forth can be under control with True Blue's firewall. It's a complete pack of security tools and response against each vulnerable condition on your PC.

Who needs a Firewall?

In this cutting-edge world, there is hardly anyone who doesn't want to put security on his/her PC and therefore requires installing a personal firewall. An in-built windows firewall does half of the job, but there may be a condition you need to install an absolute security on your PC. True Blue's firewall retains a complete protection and works as a security suite and takes care of the rest. Some of the features

  • It constantly scans your PC when it is aware of a situation that your PC is under a virus attack.
  • It knows when to allow traffic and when to ignore, it applies a filter so that only traffic that it defines as legal makes it through.
  • Additional security True Blue firewall software is a module to put larger security to your PC that is capable of offering protection against viruses, block and remove Malware and Spyware.